h e l l o f l o x

easter egg hunting kit


hippity hoppity hop!

make this easter memorable with helloflox egg hunting kit! play hide and seek  finding these chocolate eggs and let your little one find them with the help of our cute egg hunting signages.

don't forget to dress up like the cutest little rabbit with your fluffy bunny tail and bunny ears and let's hop to delicious chocolate eggs!

helloflox egg hunting kit includes:
• 1 set of helloflox loungewear with fluffy bunny tail
• 2 pcs helloflox bunny ears
• 4 pcs chocolate eggs (by Marks & Spencer) in personalized egg carton box
• 5 pcs - helloflox egg hunting signages


*this product is only available for deliveries in Jakarta

*we highly recommend delivery by GoSend for this product*


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