our little story

we find that children are a constant source of inspiration

they remind us to view the world with wonder and embrace the magic in every moment. helloflox was born from a shared vision and passion to create a safe place where children can be themselves, their dreams are nurtured, and where friendships flourish.

the heart of helloflox beats with excitement of a curious mind

just like a young seed eager to reach for the sky, children, too, always seek to grow, learn, and evolve.

we understand that the best way to learn is through immersive experiences, where every corner is an opportunity to escape into a world of creativity and discovery. 

we celebrate the joy that children bring to our lives.

at helloflox, we don't just provide a destination; we invite you to be a part of a shared journey where hearts connect and dreams take flight. so come, let's share this precious journey together!