learning's a journey, a delightful run,
with mum and dad, it's twice the fun!

together we'll explore, under the sun,
new things to learn, one by one!

An introduction

to photography

age : 5 - 7 years old
duration : 30 - 45 minutes

what you need

  • • a piece of thick plain card

    • colour pencils or crayons

    • scissors

tool prep

get a piece of thick card, some colour pencils and a pair of scissors ready

get creative

draw, colour and cut a simple camera. ask mommy or daddy to help you cut a little hole to make a viewfinder

explore and capture

let's go find interesting objects to shoot!

note for mommy and daddy:

By looking through the cardboard viewfinder, your little one can understand how to start taking a photo.

Object ideas: "my favourite things", "family tree", "things starts with..."