the holidays are here!

deck the halls with laughter and cheer,
invite the family, far and near.

hang the decorations, one by one,
together, we'll make it a ton of fun!

let's decorate

the room

age : 5 - 7 years old

pick a room

pick any space in your home to decorate. make sure everyone can see your master piece later on

get creative

start gathering decoration pieces. fairy lights, garlands, Christmas stockings, wreath, ribbons

psst.. your presents can be part of decoration too!

chose a color palette

it could be traditional red and green, winter wonderland with blues and silvers, or any other creative idea you come up with. 

spread the cheer

start placing ornaments, starting with larger ones and remember the importance of balance and spacing.

stand back and look around if everything is placed perfectly

notes for mommy and daddy:

help your kids hang decorations making sure to be careful with electrical outlets.