did you know that that the first rockets were invented about 800 years ago and were used for fireworks?

how cool is that!

make your own rocket!

yes, you heard that right, you can make your own rocket!

let’s see how..

what you need:

  • • small drink bottle with a sports cap lid (max 500ml)

    • fizzy vitamin tablets

  • • glass or jar to fit in bottle

    • warm water from the tap

half-fill the bottle

with warm water from the tap

break two fizzy vitamin tablets in half

drop them into the bottle,

quickly screw lid back on firmly

give bottle a quick shake shake

and place upside down in glass or jar

stand back and wait

allow at least 2 minutes before the rocket launched

What is the science behind why these rockets take flight?

Inside a tablet of fizzy vitamin are the ingredients of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate.

When a tablet of the medicine is dropped in water, the chemicals react to produce carbon dioxide gas. The pressure builds and… blast off!